Ep. 10 NFL Division Preview AFC/NFC West

August 8, 2018

Alright crew, we made it through the CFB preview episodes and now we're on to the NFL.  Robby and Mat get right back to it and we're pushing out a normal episode with our "Around the leagues" Segment.  We talk some Alabama QB controversy from over the weekend. We hit on the MLS Allstar game that was in town here in Atlanta.  We also touch up some more news on this Ohio State and Urban Meyer debacle thats going on in Columbus.  Then we dive right in on the AFC and NFC West divisions in Mat's favorite league the NFL.  This is going to be a 4 part series to get into the regular season.  You cant miss these and we're excited to get them to you.  Remember to like, share, and review us and you can find us on Twitter @b2bsportspod . 


Ep. 9 CFB Series Big 10/SEC

August 3, 2018

Its finally here!!  The episode in this series that we all know you've been wanting.  This is our College Football conference preview of the SEC and the Big 10 as well as sticking Notre Dame in there too.  This is it folks.  Robby and Mat get way too far into who we think will rise to the top and who is super over hyped *coughFloridacough*.  We get way too hyped about the Dawgs and what we think they can do this year and maybe go off on how the state of the program is projecting for the future.  Strap up and lets knock this out.  


Ep. 8 CFB Series Big 12/ACC

July 25, 2018

In this episode Mat and Robby get right back into the CFB Power 5 Conference Preview with the Big12/ACC.  We give you our over/under on each team and get in depth about each squad and the way their teams are shaping up for the year.  We also touch on some NFL contract news in Julio Jones' hold out as well as Todd Gurley's ground shaking contract extension.  These episodes are essential for anybody looking to get caught up on this years college football shape up!


Ep. 7 CBF Conference Over/Under Prediction Series

July 14, 2018

On this episode Robby and Mat introduce That Pixel Life's Zach Anderson to the podcast.  We cover the latest on the world cup.  We give Zach the floor to get in everything he can regarding NBA Offseason and Golden State.  We talk a little bit of Hawks and Trae Young.  To Robby's disgust we even get some Braves talk in there.  This week we also introduce our new segment the "B2B Set peice."  Speaking of our set piece for this week and for the next 3 weeks to come is our College football conference over/under predictions.  In this series we are going to run through all the power 5 conferences and give our predictions for each teams win/loss based on Vegas' betting lines for the Pac 12.  We get deep into some Pac 12 talk.  We even stumble onto the topic of NCAA football the video game and why we all just want it back.  Please.  Just bring it back. We hope you enjoy this one because we definitely did. 


Ep. 6 Bibby lookin’ like a Marvel villain

July 7, 2018

On this episode its our pleasure to introduce friend of the show James Washington to the Pod.  We touch on some world cup updates.  We get into some NHL Free Agency and whats gone on there as well as who to look out for as the next surprise team going into the season.  We talk a little bit of college football recruiting as well as whats going on with Jake Fromm's hand injury.  (dont worry dawgs, hes just fine)  We also get into a bit of a Julio Jones discussion again.  Lastly, we get way too deep into the premier free agency show in sports, NBA Free agency.  Dont worry its not all about Lebron and we are happy to tell you why!  We've got some real heated discussions for you.  We hope you enjoy this weeks episode.  


Ep. 5 World cup: Knock out!

June 30, 2018

In this episode Robby and Mat get right into the world cup again.  We cover the group stage and what happened as well as get right into the knock out stage.  We simply cant stop talking about France.  We cant overstate our frustration and disapointment with Argentina.  We even pick our way through the whole knock out stage through to a winner.  You asked for it, we got you!  Lace up your boots, this is a world cup episode.  


Ep. 4 Road Trip!!

June 24, 2018

This episode Mat and Robby talk a little NBA Draft, World cup, and College football.  We have a really fun episode for you this week where we unpack some of what we have seen in the world cup thus far.  We also have an exercise where we take our college football road trip this year.  Get ready for a good one because we're really excited to talk about this years college football season and some of the best games and places to play in the country.   


Ep. 3 Welcome to the Hype Depot!

June 13, 2018

On this episode Mat gets to test himself with some new opportunities and we introduce friend of the show Randall Bach.  This is a bonus episode this week and we really wanted to dig into Atlanta sports.  We cover the Hawks and the stories going into the draft as well as fill some folks in on new coach, Lloyd Pierce  We also talk some Braves baseball and talk about the new, awesome things going on here with this team including the new stadium, sensational young players, and MVP candidate Freddy Freeman.  We also get into the Hype Depot with Atlanta United!  We also talk Falcons football, Julio Hold out, and while I try not to throw up in my mouth, some cowboys football just for Randall.  This should be everything you need to know about Atlanta sports stories!  


Ep. 2 World Cup Preview: Crepes or Waffles?

June 11, 2018

On this weeks episode:  Mat and Robby get REAL deep into the world cup and previewing the group stages.  We pick each groups winners and then make some predictions you cant miss!  Whether you know some coming in or your totally new this episode effectively breaks down everything you'll need to know to be ready for Thursday.  


Ep.1 The Thanos Snap

May 30, 2018

On this episode Robby and Mat introduce themselves to the sports podcast world with an episode covering serveral topics as follows:

  • Robby and Mat introduce themselves.  Woo! We are here and we made it!  
  • NBA Finals preview and Conference final recap. 
  • We talk World Cup, USA vs Bolivia and the youngsters. 
  • Stanley Cup Finals.  Mat Breaks down Game 1 and makes a prediction for the series. 
  • For our main topic we break down and rank the power 5 conferences coaches in NCAA Football.

Thank you for listening to the B2B podcast this week.  You can get us on twitter @b2bsportspod you can also tweet me @hacksawUSA and Robby @spiderdude64 and remember to give us a like, follow, and itunes review.